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While staying at the Gargoyle Catterie, these gorgeous creatures were treated
with love, kindness and compassion. We take special pride in giving the best care possible to our foster cats before they go permanently live in their forever home with you.

*Proper nutrition is fundamental for growth, so it is quite important to choose the right food depending on your new cat's life-stage.

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The kitties we rescue and foster are all up to date with vaccines, Elsa tested for FELV and FIV [Feline Aids], and neutered/spayed if age appropriate [we advocate altering after 6 months].

Our foster kittens' Immunizations are started at 8-10 weeks old, and are repeated 3-4 weeks. By the time the kitten is 4 months old they should be all set.

The routine or Core Vaccinations, also referred to as FVRCP, will cover your kitten from the foremost common diseases such as: feline distemper (panleukopenia aka parvo virus), feline viral rhinotracheitis (feline herpes virus 1), and calicivirus.

We do not advocate for rabies vaccine before 4 months old, or yearly due to sarcoma.

If a vet is too aggressive with yearly re-vaccinations, find a new vet!

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) are feline-only retroviruses that can't be transmitted to humans [non-zoonotic] or other creatures. Not  every cats who tests positive for FIV or FeLV will develop infections or symptoms that are fatal or that otherwise seriously affect their quality of life. 

Although they're going to have weaker immune systems, felines who have tested positive for FIV or FeLV should still live fulfilling and happy lives like all other cats, and can live for several years into their twenties.

Proper nutrition is essential for a robust immune system and growth, so it is important to choose the right food depending on your new cat's life-stage.

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Please note:

The medical articles on this website haven't been written by a veterinarian & mustn't be considered a replacement for an actual visit with a veterinarian. These posts are provided for informational purposes only.
Always seek immediate veterinary advice for any health or behavioural issues in your pets.
Great care has been made in the creation of these articles, however, we're unable to guarantee the accuracy or omissions of these articles. If ever in any doubt whatsoever, always consult a licensed veterinarian for medical advice, and don't be shy to seek a second opinion.

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